2018 Affiliate Show Schedule

INdiana Spring Fling Reining

Cloverdale * Cloverdale, Indiana * April 13th - 15th
Showbill Pending

MWRHA Midwest Classic

Gifford, Illinois * Gordyville USA * May 5th - 6th
Showbill Pending

Indiana Summer FUn Reining

Cloverdale * Cloverdale, Indiana * June 8th - 10th
Showbill Pending

Illinois State Fair Reining Show

State Fairgrounds * Springfield, IL * July 14th - 17th
Showbill Pending

MWRHA Extravaganza

Gifford, Illinois * Gordyville USA * August 17th - 19th
Showbill Pending

Doug Bogart and Liz Canty

Nancy Olson and Mr Genuine Tag (Griff)